Knife Fight 101


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As we all know, there is more to shooting than squeezing the trigger. It takes years of practice & thousands of rounds to become proficient. The same could be applied to using a knife.

Join Mark DePhillips, Owner/Director of Training at Select Fire Training Center as he introduces Fight Knife 101! The course will cover; different types of knives to use, the legalities of carrying a knife, different carrying positions, how to deploy a knife & how to properly strike with a knife.

The cost of the course will be $50 per student. Seats will be limited as we want to continue offering classes that offer the best in quality NOT quantity. Make sure you reserve your seat in advance by calling into the shop, stopping into the store or paying though our website

If there are any questions and/or concerns, feel free to call the shop, email or stop by! As always, thank you all and be safe!


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