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SFTC is your class III headquarters. Our class III specialists will show you how easy it is to obtain a suppressor/silencer, a machine gun or a short barreled rifle or shot gun. There are many misconceptions about class III firearms but we will guide you through the process from filling out your paperwork to taking possession of your own class III firearm.

Ever think an indoor range is too loud? Shoot suppressed/silenced to lower the noise and increase enjoyment.

Need a trust for your class III NFA firearms? We work with attorney Kevin Bradford of Nadler, Nadler & Burdman Co., LPA to make the process of owning class III firearms a secure, smooth and affordable process. We also hold a free seminar regarding class III firearms to answer all your questions. Check our website for upcoming.

Looking for suppressors/silencers for your firearm? We also stock a few different suppressor manufacturers and always have the ability to order any of your choosing!

  • SilencerCo
  • Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
  • Dead Air
  • Gem-Tech
  • Yankee Hill
  • Alpha Dog

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